Mettā's Projects

we are spreading loving-kindness for well-being

Fight For Poverty

Break the cycle of poverty for vulnerable families with your gift today.


Provide accommodation for homeless people, Provide food, clothing and other essential items to people in need.

Establishment and execution of various projects for the welfare of people who are lacking basic necessities like Shelter, Food, Health & Education.

Assisting and giving support to social and religious welfare organizations already operating in Sri Lanka.

Preserving Buddhism

Devoted to spreading and preserving Theravada Budhdhism by creating opportunities

Establishment and execution of various projects for the development of Buddhist Monasteries such as helping to accomplish in-completed constructions of any Buddhist monasteries as well as helping to the renovation of existing Buddhist monasteries.

Contributing to the needs of ordained monks and nuns with support for food, accommodation, healthcare, education, and practice. Supporting monks and nuns is leads to the preservation of the Buddha Dharma is dependent on the existence of Sangha.

Disaster Relief

Care of people who suffered from natural disasters by providing any necessities they require.


Provides money and goods to people who have suffered a loss due to natural disasters.